Principal's Message

Eric Cypher
Dear Los Osos High School Grizzlies, Students, Parents, and Families,  
This school year is off to an incredible start, thanks to the wonderful work of our staff, student leaders and parent volunteers! The 2023-24 school year is shaping up to be the best year yet and we remain committed to preparing our students for their road ahead!
At Los Osos we provide many academics supports to ensure our students are equipped with the tools they need to be successful. These supports for students work in tandem with our schoolwide vision that: “All students at Los Osos will graduate ready for college and career.”  Improving our college readiness metric by increasing our A-G completion and decreasing our freshman failures continues remain at the forefront for student achievement. Improving classroom instruction and providing a variety of academic support programs for students will be paramount in accomplishing this vision. Additionally, we have expanded our student support services to ensure that our students have the resources they may need for mental health wellness through our Reach Out program to support our student’s mental health thus promoting their academic success. These ongoing supports continually prepare our students with the resources for meeting their graduation and A-G college requirements.  
As we begin to settle into the school year, I want to remind our Grizzlies that Hard Work Pays Off! We have an entire staff dedicated to guiding you towards your dreams and this staff works tirelessly to see you achieve your success. But remember Grizzlies, it starts with you and that success does not sit solely on the shoulders of the school but with your partnership and your efforts. Success begins with the Grizzly mindset of taking ownership in your learning, displaying that Grizzly Grit through difficult times and asking for help as soon as it is needed. With that said, I challenge all Grizzlies to come to school every day on time, complete all assignments and work hard to pass all classes with a C or higher, ultimately preparing you for college and careers.
Parents, the partnership between student, parent, and teachers is essential to every student's academic success. I encourage you to emphasize the importance of daily attendance with your student, communicate often with our teachers and regularly monitor grades and academic progress through Canvas.  In addition to Canvas, make sure you have created your Parent Square account and downloaded the app to receive up to date communication from our school. Together, we will ensure that your child is successful. For further support, please visit the Parent Resources tab to learn more about these opportunities.
Los Osos High School is an amazing place to be. We look forward to our partnership and another incredible school year! 
Claws Up and Go W.I.L.D! 
Eric Cypher
Principal of Los Osos High School