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Patrick Frost
Business Department Chair
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Information & Support Services
Media Support Services
Mastery of information technologies is an essential part of nearly all successful business organizations today. People who have experience in information support services are constantly in high demand for a variety of positions. Students in this pathway prepare for careers that involve the implementation of computer services and software, provision of technical assistance, creation of technical documentation, and management of information systems.
Organizations of all types and sizes use digital media to communicate with existing and potential customers. This pathway introduces students to the world of web design and robotics. Students in this pathway prepare for careers that involve creating, designing, and producing multimedia products and services. These services may include e-business web sites or computer enhanced visual media. There is a high demand for web designers, especially those with graphic media arts, and information technology skills.
Residential and Commercial Construction
This program begins with the safety precautions in using shop equipment. Once students have passed a safety test, they construct their own wood projects using a variety of tools and techniques. The course has four levels of instruction, so students can build on their skills each year. The Construction Technology course will provide students with entry-level skills in occupational areas of carpentry, construction trades, cabinetmaking, and furniture production.


Business Technology & Information
Introduction to Business
ROP Computer Software Lab
ROP Web Design
Media Support Services
Business Technology & Information
Game Design
Residential and Commercial Construction
Cabinetry, Millwork & Woodworking


Dominick Copas
Computers, Careers, & Finance

Jeff Brehmeyer
Computers, Careers, & Finance
Intro to Business

Patrick Frost
AP Computer Science Principles
AP Computer Science A
Business Management & Leadership
FBLA Advisor

Phillip Thomas
Wood Design I, II, III & IV
Residential & Commercial Construction

Tom Parslow
AP Computer Science Principals
Game Design